Leading Self
Date & Time
Thursday, September 5, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Alex Weber

Unstoppable You

There has never been a more pressure-filled time of comparison, distraction, and judgment than right now. Alex Weber says this causes people to fall into the trap of underperforming, burning out, delaying goals, or not stepping up for new opportunities. Weber will give you empowering, actionable steps to make your next-level goals happen. He shows you how to focus on your unique journey, harness your true potential, and channel your hidden strengths to be the Unstoppable You. Sharing vulnerable, honest, and hilarious stories of being the only person in the history of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior to go from host to competitor, Weber provides real-life tools to cultivate confidence, defy your internal limits, create positive mental health, and realize your highest goals. 

Session Type
Breakout Session