Date & Time
Thursday, April 16, 2020, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

More and more members who file bankruptcy are complaining about the way credit unions are furnishing information to credit reporting agencies. The session will address the correct way to report credit information when a member files Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or when the member is a non-filing co-debtor. Christy Curtis Jones, attorney and shareholder with Sherpy & Jones, P.A, will review recent cases and discuss how to prevent similar claims against your credit union. The session will also overdraft protection litigation, reordering transactions, disclosures, and available balance versus ledger balance. The final topic applies to all litigation: The summary judgment standard, which allows credit unions that are sued to get members’ claims dismissed before the case reaches the jury. A thorough understanding of the two major parts of a motion for summary judgment will assist credit union staff in evaluating claims made against the credit union, dealing with insurance counsel in the defense of the credit union, and appraising settlement offers. Examples and case studies will bring legal jargon to life.


Knowledge Level: Basic
Pre-Requisite: None
No advance preparation required
CPE Field of Study: Business Law