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April 11-14, 2023

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Each day you can choose to IMPACT the life of others through your work. It is through professional development that you can influence your growth, that of your credit union and the industry as a whole. By investing in yourself and team, you will gain new insights that will allow you to Reach beyond your current limits.

  To help you make the biggest IMPACT for yourself and others, we’ve created an ALL ACCESS PASS to maximize your learning opportunities. 


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Innovate Pre-Conference Session


For three decades, Sam Glenn’s inspirational and artistic speeches have impacted audiences of up to 75,000 at stadium events. At one time, Glenn was homeless and depressed—until a chance encounter with legendary Zig Ziglar. Glenn weaves his uplifting story into his topics and is an expert at igniting personal and professional positivity. He authored more than 30 books based on his research. | Read more

Sam Glenn

Sally Kohn

Tara Setmayer


Noted political progressive Sally Kohn and conservative Tara Setmayer bring their spirited debate from television broadcasts to live audiences to tackle some of the biggest issues of the day.

Frequent sparring partners and political commentators on CNN, Kohn and Setmayer are as partisan as it gets—yet both value relationships and civility over dogma, demonstrating that it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable with intelligence and humor. | Read more

Economist and author Andrew Busch is a consultant and keynote speaker with clients that include financial services, energy, manufacturing, and construction. He was the first chief market intelligence officer for the U.S. government at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, where he also created and directed the Market Intelligence Branch. | Read more

Andrew Busch


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