In the 21st century, the workplace has become increasingly diverse. In our multi-faceted work environment, we encounter a melting pot of different religious and political beliefs, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities, cultures, languages, ideas, and multi-generations of talent that collaborate daily. Diversity in the workplace brings challenges, but an inclusive workplace that embraces and channels different perspectives offers innovation, new ideas, and solutions leading to growth and prosperity for the entire organization.


By 2044

groups formerly seen as "minorities" will reach majority status


of the workforce is predicted to be millennials by 2025


higher cash flow per employee is enjoyed by diverse companies


of companies with diverse boards noticed higher profits


increase in likelihood of better performance for racially & ethnically diverse companies

Featured Partners

African American Credit Union Coalition
Global Women's Leadership Network
CU Pride
Credit Union Women's Leadership Alliance

Diversity in the Workplace

Inclusion: Change Makers will examine eight crucial aspects of diversity in the workplace, including:

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Sexuality

  • Ability/Disability

  • Age

  • Socioeconomics

  • Politics

  • Religion

Over 15 Dynamic Speakers, Including:

James Pogue

James Pogue

Teresa Freeborn

Teresa Freeborn

Renee Sattiewhite

Renee Sattiewhite

Maria Martinez

Shawn Johnson

Ruth Thompson

Ruth Thompson

Linda Bodie

Juan Fernandez Ceballos

Who Should Attend?

This conference is for all credit union professionals who want to gain better insight into embracing and respecting diversity in their workplace. We will examine these issues and offer new perspectives and solutions for making the workplace a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.